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Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC
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Passionate professional about horse training and teaching

Horse Lessons

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Current Special
***Buy 5 lessons up front for $300 get 1 free***

We offer lessons with either you and your horse or a horse can be provided at the rate of $60/hr. We can work at anything from teaching a new beginner, resolving behavioral issues, to building confidence. At Lasting Impression Horsemanship we are very knowledgeable in numerous areas so there is a high probability we will be able to assist with anything you would like to improve.

Our Lesson Focus

One of our main focuses is building confidence in riders by improving their communication with their horse resulting in a trusting relationship. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, it's essential to feel confident when riding a horse. We can work with you to build your confidence and help you feel comfortable in the saddle.

At Lasting Impression Horsemanship, we believe that the trust and bond between a rider and their horse is essential. We strive to help riders and horses become better partners, whether it's through lessons or our training services. Contact us today to schedule a lesson and take your riding to the next level.

Customized Horse Training

To allow more flexibility for owners we charge $40-45 per hour of training and the owners can choose how much they would like done with them to an extent.  Some training has minimum time requirements such as some behavioral training and colt starting.  Cost may vary depending on the difficulty and risk of getting hurt, but there are also price breaks for the longer the horse is in training so contact us for a more accurate estimate. 


The horse would be boarded at Leland Creek Farms in Brown City, MI.  Training with boarding ranges from $1,100-1,450/month and would include 20hrs of training per month and boarding including hay and water.  (full time training (20hrs) is $750-950/month and three days per week training (12hrs) is $480/month)

Boarding options are:


    • Unlimited access to round bales and pasture grazing (season and weather dependent)​

    • Owner may provide and feed their own grain.  Grain will not be fed or provided with this option.

    • Large shelters in pastures

    • Automatic heated water troughs in all pastures

    • Fly spray application (owner provided)


    • Unlimited access to round bales and pasture grazing (season and weather dependent)​

    • Large shelters in pastures

    • Automatic heated water troughs in all pastures

    • Up to one full scoop of grain provided (Tribute Kalm EZ or Tribute Seniority)

    • Feed owner provided supplements

    • Fly spray application (owner provided)


    • 12X11 indoor stall

    • Unlimited Hay in HayChix Haybag/Round bales and grass pasture grazing during turnout (season and weather dependent)

    • Fresh Water

    • Stalls cleaned 6 days per week

    • Extended turnout options

    • Large shelters in pastures

    • Up to one full scoop of grain provided (Tribute Kalm EZ or Tribute Seniority)

    • Feed owner provided supplements

    • Fly spray application (owner provided)

We monitor the body condition closely and adjust food ration to compensate for the additional calories burned and inform the owner if other grain is needed. Any additional care such as veterinary or farrier is the owners responsibility. The trainer may be able to help hold or be able to assist if the owner is unable to be there.

For optimal results it is recommended the horse receives a minimum of 5hrs of training per week (full time training).  We will discuss your goals prior to starting so we can set up a plan and address all issues.  You are welcome to schedule an evaluation with your horse for a more accurate plan of action just contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


We can do anything from a tune up to starting a horse that has never been ridden. We will set up times for you to come out so we can work with you and your horse to teach you what the horse has learned.  2 one hour lessons are included in full time training fees per month.

It is highly encouraged owners read Clinton Anderson's Philosophy book explaining horse psychology beforehand.  Doing so will help you understand how to communicate with horses effectively and help you significantly moving forward with your horse. It is our goal to help you communicate and achieve a willing partnership between you and your horse built on mutual respect and trust.


Payment is due prior to services and will be paid on a 1 month bases.  There are limited spots available every month to ensure the quality of training. Doing so allows us to offer the lifetime training guarantee. We take non refundable $400 deposits to hold a spot for future training.  


If you are certain you would like your horse trained by us we highly recommend putting a deposit down to hold a training spot and quote, since we book up quickly.  Your spot can always be pushed back if needed.  With the consistent, impressive, and rapid results we get time and time again and our reputation growing our rates will increase and we will continue booking further out.

Contact us for accurate pricing
Client and Instructor showing the improvements they had made since working together

Training cost ranges from $1,100-$1,450/month and includes boarding with hay and water twice per day and grain if chosen.

Some behavioral issues and colt starting require a 3 month minimum commitment. 

Full time training includes:

  • Five hours per week of training generally about 1hr/day but may vary depending on horse and trainers schedule.

  • Any veterinary or farrier care is to be covered by the owner but trainer is willing to hold horse for the process at no additional cost.

  • We monitor the body condition closely and adjust the food ration to compensate for the additional calories needed due to the training.

  • We will keep in contact with the owner throughout the process and inform them if grain is needed.

  • We will send at least weekly pictures and videos with updates on how your horse is progressing.

  • Ensure the owner and horse are working well together prior to leaving.

  • Honor a lifetime guarantee of what was taught to the horse while in training.


Payment for horse training and boarding service is due prior to services rendered and will be paid on a one-month basis.

***Programs can be customized to fit your needs***

We charge by the number of hours the owner would like put on the horse allowing us the flexibility to accommodate everyone's budget.  Please keep in mind some issues and training do have minimum requirements to ensure your own safety and our reputation.

Specialized Training

We offer lessons with your own horse or on one of our trained horses. With our extensive experience, we can provide specialized training to help you prepare, whether it's your first show or you're an experienced competitor. We can also assist with behavioral issues, such as bucking, rearing, or spooking to name a few.

Behavior Training

Any behavior issues, such as trailer loading we can assist you with. We diagnose the underlying problem and teach you how to go about correcting it.  Depending on your location coming to you may be an option for an additional fee.

Client showing major improvement after only working with me for a short amount of time;
***Lifetime Training Guarantee***

We include a lifetime guarantee on all training from our program. If you start having trouble, contact us ASAP — before it becomes an ingrained habit. After evaluation, if it is determined that the horse requires more training, we will provide the training at no additional charge, and the owner will only be responsible for the cost of boarding.

Horsemanship Clinic's

Lasting Impression Horsemanship offers clinics for anyone interested in getting a group of 3-10 people together and having a trainer out to put on a clinic. Depending on the facility you may be able to accommodate more participants. Follow us on Facebook and our page to check for any upcoming clinics. Spectators are welcome for $30/day.


Below is a list of clinic topics to choose from or if interested in something not listed contact us to discuss getting one set up.

Clinic Topics

  • Fixing emotional diarrhea without Cheese, Pepto, or Imodium.

  • Myth busters "My horse pins his ears at me when he is happy."

  • The ugly truth. For people who think their horse loves them.

  • Your horse doesn't really have a trailering problem.

  • A faster way, with better results, than the typical lounge your horse until dead method.

  • Mending the communication gap. Why does my horse do it for my trainer but not for me?

  • What are you really telling your horse?

  • Where to draw the line when your horse listens like your spouse.

  • Don't be a Humpty Dumpty, start on the ground.

Horsemanship Clinic Topic ideas


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Lasting Impression Horsemanship LLC 

"If you want something bad enough you will find a way.  If you don't you will find an excuse." 

-Clinton Anderson

Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC, uses Natural horsemanship to create bonds with your horse from mutual respect and trust
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