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The following horses have been sold. Congratulations to all of their new owners.

Unforgetable Invite 2018 AQHA Grey Gelding 15.3h For Sale or lease.
Unforgetable Invite 2018 AQHA Grey Gelding 15.3h For Sale or lease.
Unforgetable Invite 2018 AQHA Grey Gelding 15.3h For Sale or lease.

Unforgetable Invite 2018 AQHA Gelding



(Un Forgettable X Invitedfourcocktails (Coats N Tails)

Chance stands 15.3h. He is one looker of a horse and even though he is not the tallest he sure moves like a HUS horse. He has the reach and lofty trot and effortless canter that accompanies his pedigree. He has excellent awareness of where he feet are and I believe he would make a good over fences horse if someone wanted to send him in that direction. He has the personality that tries to please and does not have to be told to do something twice.

He is at the bottom of the pecking order in every pasture and seems ok being a loaner. He will be a great hunter under saddle horse in the ring and is also a good trail horse. He will be a perfect youth or armature friendly horse for anyone that would like to get him a little more consistent and be competitive in the hunter under saddle show ring.

I have done beginner lessons with him and he has done fine. Chance knows all of the fundamentals of Clinton Anderson's method, and does all of the ground work shown in Zorro and Shirley's video's as well. He has a good start in showmanship but could use a little more speed at setting up. He is an extremely talented horse and rides like a Cadillac.

He does have ringbone in both hind feet and the joint between P1-P2 is fused on both hind feet. He is completely sound and is not on any NSAIDS or supplements and has been sound for the year I have owned him. I do have x-rays for anyone interested.

I would be open to discussing lease options or lease to own options, but would prefer to sell him.

Located in North Branch, MI


Congratulations Alexa enjoy Chance.  You got a great horse, enjoy him.

consignment horse.  Morgan


Morgan is a 19-22yr old draft cross mare that is very sweet and has been there done that. Not much phases this horse. She is big and stocky and stands approximately 16.3h but is a gentle giant. I have used her for lessons with beginner kids and she is fantastic. She definitely has more woah than go and can need a firm hand to get her to move at times. She would be an excellent trail horse for someone. Don't let her age fool you she is completely sound and is only on hay and is an easy keeper. I definitely recommend you come meet her and you will see for yourself how nice of a horse she is.


VS Award Winning 2021 AQHA mare
VS Award Winning 2021 AQHA mare
VS Award Winning 2021 AQHA mare papers

2021 VS Award Winning Mare

Felisha is a 1/2 sibling to Zorro. She has a very sweet personality that tries to please. She is very smart and fast learner. She has a natural low headset and straight legs at the jog and lope. She has a stocky build to her and has one heck of a stop on her. She stands about 14h now and strings to finish about 14.2h. She has an excellent start to her and is ready for someone to put more miles on her to finish her out. I have taken her through a pond and around a hayfield so she will likely be well on the trails and she did excellent for me on the road with traffic. I do not have video of her at this time but she knows all of the groundwork that is shown in Zorro and Shirly's videos and all of the fundamentals in Clinton Anderson's method.

Located in North Branch, MI


Congratulations Patty, on you purchase of this sweet girl. Enjoy her I think she will make you very happy!

2021 Always On My Heart Gelding

2021 AQHA gelding

(Urwatchin Perfection X Shez Always On My Mind)

Zorro has an excellent start on him. I started working with him January 2023 and is coming along nicely. He then was turned out for 5 months and was recently brought back in to continue training. He has one of the sweetest personalities and always comes up to you in the pasture even when carrying a halter and lead and will follow you around for attention. He has a lot of natural talent and will stand out in the show pen.

He will likely be a nice all around horse but stronger in western than hunter under saddle. He will be a nice horse for someone to finish out and have a blast showing him for years to come. He already has a very strong start in SMS and has a beautiful jog.

I have taken him to 1 horse show that was a last minute decision after him having weeks off and he had way more first than he should have but he handled it like a champ. He was clipped, bathed with soap, ridden in an English saddle, hauled, stalled by himself, and shown all were first for him. He even won 2 of the equitation jackpot classes in both Western and English.

I have recently put more time on him after sitting for 5 months and he is now being used in my lesson program with young kids. He has no desire to run off on them and will walk, jog, steer and stop for them. He is very quiet as you can see in the video. He is very well behaved for a 2yr old.

With more consistent riding and wet saddle pads to finish his lope he will be a serious competitor in the show pen.

Located in North Branch MI



Congratulations Rachel on your purchase of Zorro. I'm excited to see where you two go. You have a bright future.

Always On My Heart 2021 AQHA Gelding

Slowly But Shirley

2020 AQHA Mare

(Struttin On The Range x RL a Sudden Reply)

Shirley string test to 16h currently around 15h. She has Clinton Anderson's Fundamentals on her providing a reliable base to any training program. With more miles she will be a fierce competitor in the western pleasure show ring. She has so much natural talent and a willing to please attitude. With her pedigree you can show her now and breed her later. She will give you many years with her and hold her value for a long time. I do beginner lessons with her and she is excellent. She does well on the road and is fine with traffic. Don't miss out on this stellar horse that will take you on the trail or to the show ring.

Located in North Branch MI


Congratulations Kevin and Deb you have gotten a wonderful horse! She will be missed by us but enjoy her and good luck with your future adventures!

Slowly But Shirley 2020 AQHA Mare

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-Clinton Anderson

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