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Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC
Desensitization Horsemanship Clinic
Scheduled Clinics

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over 20 years experience, Passionate horse trainer and instructor, uses natural horsemanship
Horsemanship Clinics
Horsemanship Clinics

We know you strive to do your best and we would like to do whatever we can to help you meet your goals. Horsemanship Clinics are an excellent opportunity to learn a wealth of knowledge for you to continue working on your own.

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Small Group Setting

We know taking your first step outside of your comfort zone is challenging and Horsemanship Clinics offer the perfect opportunity to expand your comfort zone for both you and your horse without seeming quite so scary. They allow you to expose your horse to a new environment and other horses in small amounts all while boosting your confidence and giving you the comfort of having a knowledgeable professional there to guide you,

Strengthening your bond between you and your horse, building Respect and trust

Strengthening Your Bond

Much like people it is common for horses to get nervous outside their normal surroundings and situations. By attending Horsemanship Clinics it will challenge both you and your horse, testing the bond you have already formed as well as giving you the opportunity to build on it by relying on one another for reassurance. If your bond is not what it should be or seems to be lacking, the professional instructor will help you start to achieve that bond and give you the ability to continue to grow. You will experience that unbelievable feeling you get when you achieve a special bond with such a magnificent animal.

Meeting new people that share the same passion.

Meet New People

Every clinic gives the opportunity to meet new people with the same passion as you giving you the feeling of familiarity and ease of conversation. All of the clinics that are put on are very welcoming to everyone and give people the opportunity to converse after the clinic and eat together sharing their experiences and stories. Most of the time you leave with newly formed friendships that last years and worth their weight in gold.

Clinic Topics

Below is a list of topics we offer to have a clinic about. If there is something else you would like to learn that is not listed contact us and we will likely be able to help.

  • Fixing emotional diarrhea without Cheese, Pepto, or Imodium

  • Myth busters "My horse pins his ears at me when he is happy."

  • The ugly truth. For people who think their horse loves them.

  • Your horse doesn't really have a trailering problem.

  • A faster way, with better results, than the typical longe your horse until dead method.

  • Mending the communication gap. Why does my horse do it for my trainer but not for me?

  • What are you really telling your horse?

  • Where to draw the line when your horse listens like your spouse.

  • Don't be a Humpty Dumpty, start on the ground.

  • When to raise your expectations from your horse

Horsemanship Clinic Ideas.


Testimonial with 5 star Review
Testimonial with 5 star Review

Lasting Impression Horsemanship LLC 

"If you want something bad enough you will find a way.  If you don't you will find an excuse." 

-Clinton Anderson

Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC, uses Natural horsemanship to create bonds with your horse from mutual respect and trust
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