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Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC


Over 20 years experience, a passionate horse trainer and instructor that uses Natural horsemanship.
"Leland Creek Farms, LLC"
Brown City, MI

Leland Creek Farms, LLC and Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC have worked out a partnership that allows us to use their facility and offer clients their boarding services while horses are in training. Clients can trailer in and use the facility as well to take lessons with their personal horses for $10/rider paid to the facility.  Horses must provide proof of a current coggins and core vaccines.

Leland Creek Farms is a clean facility that has new heavy duty fencing, multiple dry lots and grass pastures, large run in shelters, heated automatic water in the pastures, 24/7 access to round bales, 11x12 spacious stalls if desired, 60x120 indoor arena, observation room with refrigerator, heater, microwave, trails, and back roads. The management is very friendly and fantastic to deal with and makes sure your horse is well taken care of.


Leland Creek Farms will provide the care of your horse while in training, which includes 24/7 access to hay, fresh water, grain once per day if chosen or Full care stall board.   The trainer will be there 5-6 days per week but will not usually be doing the feeding.


Management oversees the boarding and is very observant of the horses. They will bring to your attention any abnormal behavior or symptoms and may ask my professional veterinary opinion and recommendation. 

As the owner of Lasting Impression Horsemanship Janelle has personal horses at the facility and completely trust them with their care on the day's she is not there and knows they are cared for just as well as she could.  She is usually at the barn 6 days per week but there are week's she may have horse shows or other engagements and is unable to be there all 6 days. When this happens she knows the horses are well taken care of. 


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Lasting Impression Horsemanship LLC 

"If you want something bad enough you will find a way.  If you don't you will find an excuse." 

-Clinton Anderson

Lasting Impression Horsemanship, LLC, uses Natural horsemanship to create bonds with your horse from mutual respect and trust
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